CYO Shamrocks

The Gesu Shamrock was a newsletter published by Gesu Parish's chapter of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). These newsletters kept members informed on upcoming events, accomplishments of Gesu CYO members as well as short stories, and jokes. 

The CYO was highly active in the Milwaukee area. While there were previous iterations formed in independent parishes, in 1934 Archbishop Samuel Stritch directed all the parishes in Milwaukee to form their own CYO chapters. Young adults could join either in 8th grade or when they turned 13 years old and they could remain in the organization until they were married or when they turned 26 years old. Milwaukee CYO put on a variety of events and programs. These events were religous, athlectic, cultural, hobby, scouting, social or vocational guideance events.

The 13th Street Journal

While the CYO Shamrock was the main newsletter for the Gesu Grade School, there was another school newspaper for a short time. The 13th  Street Journal began in 1964 with its first volume and continued for at least another year. Very few copies of the newspaper have survived. The school closed in 1968 less then four years after the creation of the 13th Street Journal.

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