Alumni Newsletters

In August 1988 the Gesu Grade School Reunion Comittee met and voted to become the Gesu Grade School Alumni Association. They began publishing an Alumni Association Newsletter in the Spring of 1989. The Alumni Association's goal was to "foster the spiritual and social needs of the [Gesu] Alumni". Today the Gesu Grade School Alumni Association Newsletter helps to connect Gesu Alumni who are living all over the country.

The newsletter announces events such as reunions, Alumni masses, luncheons and other events. It also serves as a way for Alumni to remember their time at Gesu. Alumni can submit memories about various aspects of the school including but not limited to being altar boys, particpaing in athletics, taking specific classes, or visiting local spots around the school. Updates on Gesu church and parish are included as well. Within the Newsletters are updates on Alumni vital records, such as marriges and deaths. The newsletters often celebrate the golden aniversty of graduating Gesu classes. In addition they contain class photos, as well as students particpating in various activities. 

If you have something you would like to contribute to the Alumni Newsletter please send it to the following address.

Gesu Parish Center
Attn: Gesu GSAA
1210 W. Michigan St.
P.O, Box 495
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0495

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