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Ex Libris: Bookplates from the Raynor Library Collections


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  • Andree Megard Plate
    Red print of a woman in Greek dress holding a mask; a bush in the foreground and domed church in the background 
  • Arthur Plate
    Heraldic. Arms: White chevron with three clarion or rests; Crest: a falcon rising; Motto: Impelle obstantia - "thrust aside obstacles"
  • Claud Lambton Plate
    Manuscript letters C and L flanking a ram's head are shown above the owner's name; a winged dragon with serpentine body featured below
  • G. L. Lazarus Plate
    Child laying on the ground reading with dryads and elves overhead 
  • G. Owen Bonawit Plate
    Indigenous figure with bow and arrow hunting a night 
  • G. Owen Bonawit Plate
    Ship inside of a garter or belt 
  • G. L. Lazarus Plate
    A bald man reading at desk in heavily curtained room in Art Deco style
  • Helen Hayes  Plate
    Silhouette of the actress flanked by stacks of books with the Thalia and Melpomene masks above  
  • Hugh Gurney Barclay Plate
    Heraldic. Arms: azure shield divided in two: sinister--argent chevron with three argent crosses pattée; dexter--an argent bowed pale bearing three boar's heads and flanked by argent crescents; Crest: bishop's miter; Motto: In cruce spero - "I hope in the cross"; In hace vince - "I conquer in"
  • Jam Sahib Plate
    Lion rampant holding banner with Gujarati text, Jai Ashapura. Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, Jamnagar
  • James G. Wingo Plate
    White images against a black background featuring a sambar or Philippine deer in the jungle 
  • John Pick Plate
    Heraldic. Arms: shield bearing the initials JP; Crest: a barred helmet with mantling
  • John Pick Plate
    Three figures at a printing press 
  • John Pick Plate
    Marquette University Library Presented by John Pick with a hand-drawn replica of his own book plate featuring figures at a printing press
  • John Pick Plate
    Indigenous design of an eagle and sun, containing a quotation from Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem "God's Grandeur" in red and black ink
  • Myra Arthur Plate
    Watercolor of blue bird at a pool near a garden wall; Cyprus trees, a rainbow, and mountains in background 
  • Rolfe Boswell Plate
    Rattlesnake in a garter or belt 
  • Roy Leifflen Plate
    Gold ink on black paper of a turbined man in the center with male and female figures, arms raised on either side
  • Tribute to Francis H. Casey Plate
    Lettered in style of medieval manuscript on vellum 
  • A Church Lane Plate
    Path along a riverbank leading toward a church in the distance
  • A. Lang Plate
    Medieval monk emerging from the body of a peacock with a monkey on its back holding a book; Features text, Sitot lu/Sitot rendu/Sinon pendu- "As soon as read/As soon as returned/Otherwise hanged"
  • A.S. Arnold Plate
    Lady Justice flanked by torches with an open book and In Hoc Singo Vinces above
  • Anna Fuller Plate
    Central image of an open book laying under pine tries with the words, "A book of verses underneath the bough" on either side; the image is framed by a border of pine cones and branches
  • Arthur Haynsworth Masten Plate
    Cattle skull above a fireplace 
  • Edmund Clarence Stedman Plate
    A satyr and two nude figures; border contains oak leaves in the corners and text with owner's name and Le Coeur Au Metier