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Ex Libris: Bookplates from the Raynor Library Collections


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  • Emily Hoe Lawrence Plate
    A bunch of a Lily of the valley under a clasp with the owner's name
  • Emma D. Conley Plate
    Viking ship 
  • Ernest Arthur Edkins Plate
    Heraldic. Arms: quarted with two lions 1st and 4th and three rabbits 2nd and 3rd, supported by griffin and lion rampant; Crest: crown; Motto: Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum - "No Backward Steps"
  • Fitch H Stephens Plate
    Man in 18 c. dress at a desk in a crowded library 
  • Harrison B. - Dorothy T. Smith. Plate
    Redwood forest 
  • Henry Louis Mencken Plate
    Man wearing glasses hunched over a desk and writing with a quill pen 
  • Hermann Herrigel Plate
    Image of a Roman soldier pre-printed on book cover 
  • J. George Fay Plate
    Winged old man with scythe reading on a stack of books 
  • James Wickersham  Plate
    Map of Alaska in green ink with totem poles and a seal; Lege et Ratione-"By Law and Reason" 
  • John Thomas Lee Plate
    Central image of a library with landscape seen through an arcway in the distance, framed by ornately decorated Greek columns and a lintel that displays an open book with opening line of Bryan Proctor's poem "My Books" and is flanked by cherubs
  • John W. Griggs Plate
    Man in 18th c. dress fishing under tree; some color 
  • Kirby Flower Smith Plate
    A circle containing two books with bookmarks dangling from them and two oil lamps with their smoke intermingling
  • Lillian Laschka Plate
    Castle in the countryside 
  • Rathbrun Fuller Plate
    Library with an armchair in front of a fireplace 
  • Rees Plate
    Southwestern landscape
  • Robert Underwood Johnson Plate
    A harp floating in the sky with clouds below and crescent moon and stars above 
  • Robert Vincent Cram Plate
    Pencil drawing of bespectakcled man in 19th c. dress standing on top of a chair in a library
  • Rowland Gibson Hazard Plate
    Central image of a line of penguins holding books marching from a ship and the text, "Whence. Whither. Wherefore?" and three scallop shells above banner reading "Sinceritas" ; broad border of holly leaves with owner's name and Holly House Peace Dale Rhode Island
  • Weyert Moor Plate
    Orb and cross design with floral motif 
  • William Emery Nickerson Plate
    Center image of a tall ship at sea dated A.D. 1621-40 in a laurel wreath within a gear. A row of books below the gear; musical instruments in top left and artist pallette and brushes in top right
  • William Perceval Hope Pollock Plate
    Heraldic. Arms: gold invected bordure on azure field with three gold fleur de lis; Crest: gold and vert boar pierced with an arrow atop a helmet with mantling; Motto: Audator et strenue - "Boldly and earnestly"
  • William Walter Web, DD Plate
    Blue bookplate with white lettering; features image of bishop's miter
  • Ferdinand Khull Graz Plate
    Oak branch wrapped in banner with owner's name along left side topped with a shield bearing dove and fleur de lis; heavy curtain next to a desk with large books on right
  • Frank L Hadley Plate
    Central oval containing image of oil wells with phoenix displayed on top; two circles above image-- one with an oil lamp on a stack of books, the other of an electric light above an open book. Floral and greenery decorations throughout
  • Albert and Ann Noyes Plate
    Green background with black lettering and a small bookshelf